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I'm following this site on Twitter and found out they still need a few breeds, one of which is Borzoi.  My dog passed away a year back but I know some of  you are owners of or know owners of rescued Borzois.  Check it out and see if you can help.  http://joinprojectdog.com/
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 My husband and I adopted the handsomest little mutt around on January 9th. I picked him up yesterday from the SPCA Spay & Neuter Clinic.  He was pretty loopy but had his moments of excitement and enthusiasm.  When we got him home, he made himself comfortable on a comforter my husband and I use to cuddle in on the floor when we're watching movies.  He looked so cozy there and he had had a rough day, what with getting neutered after being a "man" for two years, so we decided to leave the crate-training 'til the next day (today!).  

He's obviously not a purebred, but he's definitely some sort of beagle mix (the shelter was saying beagle/corgi, and someone else suggest beagle/cavalier, but we'll never know).  When I was standing in line at the clinic to pick him up, I heard some aroo-ing from the back room and though, "Well, that could very well be our guy," but he hasn't made a peep... except some odd mixture between a squeak, a whimper, and a sigh.  It's pretty cute, and we think it's a happy sound,  Let's hope we lucked out and got the one hound who doesn't bay at the moon (we live in an apartment complex and want our neighbors to like us, rather than wish us dead)!

Anyway, my husband and I are stoked about this little guy, whom we've named Amos (it was a compromise: my husband wanted to name him Seamus and I wanted to name him Ahab, so Amos it was!).  We adopted him on his first day at the SPCA (he had transferred over from another county shelter) and the woman helping us said another couple had met with him earlier that day.  How those people left this guy behind, we'll never know.  He's such a love.  Lives for praise, hasn't shown any signs of destructive behavior, isn't food aggressive, doesn't mark in the apartment, fetches and brings back a tennis ball like a pro, and is pretty well behaved on leash.  My only fear is that there is someone out there who's missing this little fella right now, but I'm glad he's with us.  

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On a whim I searched Norwegian Elkhound on lj. To my surprise, here is a hound group!

So..I'm American born, but my father is from Toyen in Norway (it is just outside of Oslo).
Anyways, when it was time to look into getting a first dog for my husband and I, we looked to my roots. The easy answer was Norwegian Elkhounds. His name is Gunnar. He is now 13 weeks, and doing so well in training!
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first photo

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I would proudly like to announce that Seamus is offically an AKC certified Canine Good Citizen! We actually took the test last week, but this week has been hectic from work and all that jazz I haven't had the chance to spread the awesome news.

We are going to do our first nursing home visit next week. This particular nursing home doesn't have a pet therapy program in place and the activities director is really excited (as am I). So next week we are coming as kind of a trial run and if the residents really start to warm up to him after a few visits I'm going to sit down with the director and see if we can put an actual program in place! Sqee so exciting! I love spreading joy!

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It has been 7 days and 7 hours since Dragon and I said our goodbyes to Anya, my sweet Borzoi.  She would have been 11 years old in 11 days.  I know she is happier now.  As Dragon said, 'She has a never ending bowl of chicken nuggets.'  She loved her Mc Donald's nuggets, Papa John's chicken strips, and sweet and sour chicken with her own egg roll.  Gods the messes she would make with that egg roll.  Cabbage and pork every where.  (small laugh)  She was a crazy dog.  My pirate dog, after surgery took the sight in her right eye.  Yarr I be Anya the Pirate!  (laughs again)  I miss you girl.  I hope the Fae are treating you well.  And don't give the Gods too much shite.  Maybe St Peter will let you lounge by the Gates for a while.  You can welcome all the new souls into the Heavens, sniff their lips for what sorta flavoured chapstick they are wearing.  (blows a kiss)  Be safe in your journeys, no matter where they may take you my precious girl.  Mommy and Daddy miss you!

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It has been a while but I wanted to update with pictures of my puppies (now almost 5, how time flies!) Buddy (the mostly black and brown basset) and Dryfuss (the while freckled one).

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My name is Jessica and I am new here. I have been posting in 

beagles  for years, but just recently decided I should join a more broad group like hound_dogs. I have two hounds of my own, well actually they're mine and my dad's. 

Chipper is a 13 yr old male beagle, and he's a little big for a beagle. We've had him since he was 9 months old. He was adopted from an animal shelter. He has just gotten bigger ever since and not that we over feed him, but we love him just the same. I call him my teddy bear or my little piggy. Chipper is the sweetest, most loyal dog I have ever known, he couldn't hurt a fly if he tried.

Louie is a 9 yr old male beagle, much smaller than Chipper. Louie is more my dog. We have had him since he was about 3 yrs old. He was also adopted from an animal shelter. Louie can be a little trouble maker. Louie loves being around people, but not other dogs he doesn't know. Louie also has a big mouth. But, Louie is our little baby, he is so sweet (around people that is) and adorable.


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But I wanted to share because it brings many smiles to my face!


Hope everyone is doing well.

Happy Mothers DAY!!!!
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